Condition Report For Lot# 1030 :
Mahogany veneered empire case in original finish with wear in places to the finish. The gilt capitals and bases are hidden under a dark finish that makes it difficult to determine how much gilding is left. The columns look to be rosewood veneer, but again the finish is very dark. The three ball pendulum that was used on earlier models of the month version has a different holder than the example pictured in the NAWCC supplement on Crane clocks. It may have been modified to make it easier to hang pendulum on the spring suspension. The current glass and paper dial looks to be a later replacement as the glass has no distortion found in period glass. The hands are incorrect replacements Reverse painted glass is original with some minor loss of the green border. Door knob is original. Paper label inside the case is stained with some loss. There are no weights included as the weights that came with this clock do not fit the weight channels. A picture of what they look can be found on page 65 of the NAWCC supplement 16, 1987. A slotted strip of wood is included that needs to be cut to fit into the notches in the sides to the case to support the bottom of the dial. Ht 22"