Condition Report For Lot# 1022 :
this case has been poorly refinished, stripped bare and brushed over with thick spar varnish. There are NO extra holes in the case back, and the only 4 holes there line up perfectly with the iron bracket. All of the cases of this model are extra deep, and there is a one+ inch spacer behind the bracket to bring the dial into position. Although one does not expect a spacer of this type from the factory, this one is old, and its sides are painted the same gold color as the iron bracket. The movement is complete and sound and correct as it should be, and the original dial is absolutely wonderful. Original issue weight, pulley and beat scale are appropriate. Of important note, is that we sold this model with a Ball Watch Co dial and mercury pendulum in October of 2011, lot 569, for a hammer price of $86,000. Previous thinking was that this model was ordered by Ball for exclusive use; this is the only one to bear a signed Seth Thomas dial. In any case there are only 4 total known at this time. Ht 71"