991 Pennsylvania Cherry tall case with original German wooden plated, 11-bell musical movement, time, strike and music. Good cherry case with long door, deep scrolls and original flame finials, from the Doug Shaffer collection. c1810     Condition: this clock was acquired by Chris Bailey around 20 years ago, and he traded it to Ed LaFond for an earlier American clock, and Ed sold it to Doug Shaffer. We have concluded that the movement / dial / hands would have been imported from Germany and the case made in the Reading area. Uses a typical wag pendulum with light brass disc. Small lead weights appear old, however additional weight has been wired onto the bottoms to keep the clock running / playing. The case was refinished maybe 25 years ago to a rich cherry color, has reeded side quarter columns, holly stringing along the edges and a small floral inlay to the front of the plinth. There are several tunes on the wooden barrel (7?) hard to tell. Overall a great clock. Ht 97"
Estimate: $3,500 - $5,500
1025 Charles Kirk, Bristol, Conn, RARE Empire cased whistle pipe barrel organ clock, with 16 pipes, in an extra large mahogany column and cornice case, The iron back clock movement actuates the chain fusee driven organ once a day at noon, and there appear to be 7 tunes on the barrel, one for each day of the week, both movements wound weekly, c1850     Condition: from the collection of Doug Shaffer, Doug was almost finished the restoration when he died. You will need to make a mini whistle pipe facade to fill in the lower section of the door. (Bottom tablet is original). The bellows have been rebuilt and supply adequate air flow, all 16 pipes are present. We played the clock for half an hour and listened to all the tunes, which sound a bit like carnival tunes. Will need some TLC and adjustment to get it to start playing promptly, but once in motion, it plays along fine. The sister to this clock is in the American Watch & Clock Museum in Bristol, Conn, where you can get a look at the flute facade that goes below the dial; see museum clock pictured in Bailey's TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF CLOCKS AND WATCHES (1975), PG 142. Note that this item must be picked up by you or a blanket wrap specialist, and the organ framework and clock will be wrapped separately from the case. Case has some loose glue joints that will need attention. Original dust cover boards are present, to be shipped loose; they go on last. Ht 40.5: to top of cornice, 41" including top dust cover.
Estimate: $9,000 - $12,000