Condition Report For Lot# 748:
as is common for this time period, only the dial is signed, however our experts give this clock original status [except for items noted]. Old time collectors realize that just when you think you have seen everything, something different comes along. The plates of this Movement have the brushed pattern typical of Howard and Davis, and all wheels and train parts are "Howard issue". Pendulum stick retains its original gilding, and bob has the remains of its brushed finish [someone made the mistake of using brasso instead of clock cleaner on the bob]. Original cast iron weight bears a cast in "3". The dilemma on this clock is the lower tablet, which has been replaced with one bearing the gilt oval in the center; it is our feeling that the original would have had the oval lower to show the 66 beat pendulum in typical fashion. For comparison, we refer you to Petrucelli & Sposato's book on Banjo Clocks, page 159, showing an all original striking Howard & Davis, with the pendulum showing in the TOP half of the glass, and the date of mfg showing in the lower half. Our best recommendation would be to make a tablet with the oval orifice positioned to show the center of the pendulum bob. The only other item that is not original is the brass tab for the bow-tie pendulum hold down, which could be easily replaced. Note the escape wheel on this Movement has 33 teeth, versus the standard 30 that Howard used. The 3 extra teeth allow it to time in this case, and show the passing minute on the seconds bit. Case has been French polished; dial signature may have been strengthened long ago. Ht 38"
Estimate: $5000 - $7000