Condition Report For Lot# 710:
The original paper dial is just slightly faded, and the clock is still in overall excellent original condition with old patina on the brass, although the front door knob is absent. This is one of the rarest American carriage clocks, and is shown in Bulletin 287, page 757. There is also an exhaustive description on pages 356-368 in the Allix & Bonnert classic carriage clock reference book. We sold one in 2007 for a high bid of $1600. and one was sold by Antiquorum, on Nov 29, 2001, for a total price of $2760. It has a circular brass duplex escapement, and the escapement assembly rotates around the central axis, visible through the 6 spokes in the central area of the dial. Patented May 21, 1878, and so stamped below the logo on the dial mask. Even better, the original (worn) leather travel case is included. Running. Ht 4 3/4"
Estimate: $1000 - $1500