Condition Report For Lot# 103:
CASE: Ding(s) or pin prick(s), minor, band; Scratches on outer surface of case, minor; Cricket with minor wear. Crystal with scratches. DIAL: Hairline(s) in enamel, light, at 8:00; Hairline(s) in enamel, moderate, at 9:00, alarm track; Chip in enamel less than the size of a grain of rice, at 3:30, repaired; Chip(s) or flakes (s) in enamel concealed by bezel, at 8:30 and 9:00, repaired; Scratches moderate to dial. MOVEMENT PLATES: Specks of dirt / dust; Alarm sound disc with spots of rust. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Not running, alarm functions.
Estimate: $2500 - $3500