Condition Report For Lot# 85:
GRO (winds, sets and ticks well), the wind indicator functions normally and the balance motion is a little sluggish but OK and the mvt is in good condition overall with no major tarnishing (one small area of discoloration where balance was secured by object), some minor spotting and good screw slots. The both plates have a few minor areas of dried oil and a uniform coating of microfine surface scratches. The silvered dial is in fair to good condition overall and shows some light tarnish around the perimeter, a small fingerprint near 4 and almost unnoticeable spotting. There are two keys included, one to set the time and one to open the inner box and the gold hands look good. The deep rich mahogany box is in condition with brass inlays stretching all four corners and a brass key escutcheon. James Eiffe was an eccentric 19th century chronometer maker, known for giving proper names to his chronometers, many which traveled on important British expeditions of the day and for his investigations of the middle temperature error in balance wheels.
Estimate: $2500 - $3500