Condition Report For Lot# 83:
Running well with strong balance motion, winds but it is difficult to activate the pin set. The wind indicator functions properly and the mvt is bright and in excellent condition with a slight dull residue on plate surfaces that could be cleaned off and some microfine scratching on some of the bright work and a few other microfine scratches with no oxidation. The dial is mint and like new with no blemishes or flaws with a light ring on dial where bezel contacts the dial surface. The brass case and gimbals are in good condition with oxidation on the screw back cover and some light spotting elsewhere. The inner and outer mahogany boxes are both in excellent condition with felt intact and undamaged and with the finest most minor of scratching. This piece includes the original paperwork sent to the first owner describing the piece and other Hamilton marine timepieces for sale and two rating certificates. This second Model 22 is as exceptional as the first, may be more so with the original paperwork. Don't miss this opportunity to bring one of these all original beauties home.
Estimate: $1200 - $1600